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Born and raised in Nigeria, at a very early age, Ayo and Buki were exposed to the creative, cultural, political and artistic aspects of hairstyles and care through their parents. They learnt that a woman’s hair is a medium of self expression of beauty, independence, cultural heritage, marital status and political message. They developed their skills under the tutelage of well respected and leading hairstylists in Nigeria.
Upon arriving in Canada, they further honed their hairstyling skills by attending Canada’s West End Beauty Academy, a highly rated and prestigious school of hairstyling and graduated with Professional Diplomas in Hairstyling. To further distinguish themselves from other hairstylists, they sat for the Ontario Certificate of Qualification Exam and successfully obtained their Ontario Professional Hairstyling Licenses.
In Canada, Ayo and Buki are sought after Hairstylists by people of different backgrounds because of their expertise and high quality service. Clients drive in to Ottawa from far away cities such as Brockville, Toronto, Brampton, Waterdown, Gatineau-Hull and New York, USA just to have their hair done by them. Their teamwork and personable nature also made them irresistible individuals to chat with.

As a duo, Ayo and Buki provide professional hair styling services to their diverse clients, combining their African and Canadian experience, skills and knowledge to meet the diverse needs of their clients.

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    You can find some samples of our work on Greely Hair Salon Instagram page: @GreelyHairSalon

    Yes, we do sell some types of hair extensions at reasonable prices. Please contact us in advance to know which type we have in stock before your appointment.

    No, all appointments must be scheduled in advance before showing up at our salon. Unfortunately, if you come without an appointment, we will not attend to you.

    No. There is no family discount. Please see our services and price list posted on our website.

    No. Only the individual with scheduled appointment will be allowed into Greely Hair Salon. Please note that we do not offer babysitting services.

    In addition, due to Covid-19, we will only allow the specific individual with an appointment to come into the salon premises. 

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