Jaggaer Service Level Agreement

Jaggaer is a widely used software system that helps companies manage their procurement processes. A critical aspect of using Jaggaer is understanding the service level agreements (SLA) that are in place. In this article, we`ll delve into what a Jaggaer SLA is and why it`s essential to know about it.

What is a Jaggaer Service Level Agreement?

A Jaggaer SLA is an agreement between the company using the software and Jaggaer themselves. It outlines the service levels that Jaggaer will provide, the responsibilities of both parties, and the consequences if either party breaches the agreement.

The SLA typically includes information on uptime guarantees, incident response times, and customer support availability. It`s essential to read and understand these agreements thoroughly before implementing Jaggaer in your business.

Why is it important to know about a Jaggaer SLA?

Knowing about a Jaggaer SLA is crucial because it determines what you can expect from the software and what support will be available if something goes wrong. For example, if Jaggaer is down for an extended period, the SLA should outline what compensation or remediation options are available to you as a customer.

Additionally, understanding the SLA will help you establish expectations internally and externally. For instance, if your business has committed to a specific level of service uptime, you`ll want to ensure that Jaggaer meets the requirements outlined in the SLA.

How can you ensure that you`re meeting the Jaggaer SLA?

Firstly, it`s important to read the SLA carefully and understand the terms outlined in the agreement. Ensure that your business is meeting any responsibilities listed in the agreement, such as providing access to necessary information or adhering to a specific timeline.

Additionally, you may want to monitor uptime and response times closely to ensure that Jaggaer is meeting the service levels outlined in the SLA. If there are any discrepancies, it`s essential to raise them with Jaggaer`s customer support team to ensure that the issue is addressed.


In conclusion, understanding a Jaggaer SLA is crucial to ensure that your business is utilizing the software effectively and efficiently. Take the time to read and understand the terms of the agreement, and monitor service levels carefully to ensure that Jaggaer is meeting its obligations. By doing so, you`ll be able to maximize the value of the software and reduce any potential issues that may arise.